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Dan Shea, co-founder and executive director, is both Jewish and Latino, and holds a MFA from PSU. He is an artist, photographer, and community activist.

Adbi Hassan, co-founder and president, is an African Muslim, and is working on his Ph.D. in urban planning. He is presently leading an EWOB chapter in his country, Somaliland.

Bette Lee, Arts Project Director, an artist/photographer and journalist, is a Chinese immigrant from Singapore. She is involved in various community groups, including being a board member of the Portland Alliance, a 20-year progressive community newspaper.

Mohamed Hassan is an African Muslim from Somaliland. He is the Public Relations Director, and has a MA in urban planning and is presently in Somaliland. He worked as a director for IRCO, a refugee support organization in Portland, and has also been a board member of several local human rights organizations.

Mohamoud Hassan, Director of Science, Master of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Western Oregon State College. Mohamoud developed and taught at the OMSI/Boys and Girls Science Club computer lab at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., and is now working with his brothers in Somaliland, Africa to develop a similar project for the youth in his country.

Regena Jones, Resource Development Director, is an African American, working mother and grant-writer. She is a career placement specialist with Portland Community College and has worked with the Urban League in Portland and many other local community organizations.

Marc Hinz, a founding board member is the Secretary/Treasurer and Director of Operations- Ecuador. He has a Master of Public Administration from PSU and has a history as an environmental activist. Marc is also co-founded “Food for Thought” at PSU as a student run cafe cooperative.

Hirsi Dirir, Director of Technology, is an immigrant from Somaliland. Hirsi suffered incarceration and torture during his countries long civil war and is dedicated to working for peace and justice and to empowering disenfranchised groups through education and the sharing of technology.

Isaka Shamsud-Din, Art Director is a well-known African American artist in Portland, currently Assistant Professor of art at PSU and founder of AAVAS an African American Visual Arts Scholarship program. Isaka has a long history of community activism to empower African Americans in such organizations such a SNCC.

Doug Lain, member at large is a Science Fiction Writer and community activist. Doug has been active in anti-war coalitions and helped organize writers for free speech demonstrations challenging John Aschroft’s Patriot Act. Doug is also working on developing our website.

Turiya Audry, Womb Dialect Project Manager is currently teaching at PSU and in the Portland Public Schools. Turiya is a spoken word and hip-hop performance artist and writer.


Dec 7th
PSU Multicultural Center Rm 222 Smith Memorial Student Union
7:00 pm